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[BLOG] Am I Too Old To Dance?

PassionSo what do you answer when someone asks you “Am I too old to dance?”Well my answer would be, you are never too old to dance! And why? Because dancing is not about age, it’s about passion and the joy you have doing it. As long as you are passionate about dancing and your body […]

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[BLOG] What To Wear To Salsa Dancing

Let’s face it; salsa is a physical activity — you can’t just put on anything that crosses your mind and expects it to work. You’ll want to do your homework and figure out what you can wear to make your dancing smooth and easy — this is crucial.First things First — What Happens When You […]

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[BLOG] Social Dancing: 4 Tips To Be A Pro On The Dance Floor

 Let’s face it; the thought of going social dancing can be a bit daunting to most of us — this is usually how it is from the start. There are quite a number of things that come into play here; first off, the thought of wondering if you’ll be asked to dance or even asking […]

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[BLOG] 5 Foolproof Tips To Being An Amazing Leader On The Dance Floor

Ever given thought to what it takes to lead with greatness? You should know that there’s more to learning the skills of salsa dancing steps, frame, timing, and patterns. You’ll also want to have some have some exceptional qualities to truly connect and enjoy the experience.Interested? I’m pretty sure you are! Here are some tips […]

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[BLOG] 5 excellent tips to learn salsa dancing on your own

Looking to learn salsa without hitting the class or club? If yes, you’ll be glad to know that there are quite a number of things you can do to become a better dancer without a floor or partner. Just so you know, nothing works better than classes and social dancing, but you can still challenge […]

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[BLOG] 5 ways shines can make you a great dancer

Ever given thought to how the perfect footwork can make you a better dancer? If yes, you should know that you’re in for a whole lot of fun and excitement. Now, we know that partner connection is the essence of Latin dances, but it’s never a crime to be a master of both worlds — […]

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[BLOG] 6 styling & shine tips voor de dames

<p>Drama! Armen! Finger egg! Headflick! Enkele termen in de ladystyling. Styling wil zeggen het verfraaien van je dans, waarbij jij met een of meer lichaamsdeel een extra beweging maakt. De shine (ook wel freestyle of solo work genoemd), is een ander soort styling. Dit vestigt aandacht op jou en je partner; dit kan ervoor zorgen […]

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[BLOG] Help, hoe hou ik het ritme in de salsa?

<p>Ritme houden binnen de salsa of überhaupt de telling horen binnen de muziek: HELP hoor ik cursisten vaak zeggen. En zit je net lekker op de 1, heb je dat ritme helemaal door, danst iemand met je op de 2! Hier leg ik je uit hoe je het beste de telling in de muziek kunt […]

Muziek om te oefenen

Wil je je nieuw geleerde pasjes ook thuis oefenen op wat rustige muziek? Hier is een nummer waarbij langzaam alle salsa instrumenten worden toegevoegd (maracas, bongo, guitarra, clave, baso, conga, piano, timbales etc), een ook met telling om je 123, 567 rustig te oefenen. Veel plezier ermee! CubanTiming [thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Salsa, bachata & […]